Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's been two months since my last post. Wow!  Life is so busy right now.  Carson is doing very well in 1st grade.  He had an excellent progress report.  Carson played soccer this season but I must say it's not his best sport.
A funny story....the other night Carson said, "mommy, Alexa's mom has a six pack."  Trying my hardest not to laugh I said, " what is a six pack?"  He replies, " she has six ninnies."  He keeps me laughing.   The other night we had a bowling fundraiser for school and my boy was surrounded by girls.  It was really cute to watch him interact with his classmates.  However, he kept asking me for change so finally I said, what the heck are you getting?  He replied, I am buying the girls rings from the 25 cent machine.  Haha.  He sure is a Latin lover.  Carson is growing up to be a really neat kid.  Well, little Cinderella is hitting the terrible twos.  She is not too bad yet, however you can see the spunk in her eye.  She started music class a few weeks ago.  She loves it.  She comes home singing her new songs she learned.  And if I do not get the words right she will let me know very quickly.                                                                                                                                                  
We are leaving for Florida next Wednesday for 10 days.  We all are very excited.  There is a large group of us going so it will be a great time.  We will be making a lot of memories for sure.                    
Onto some very exciting news....we sponsored a girl to come live with us from Guatemala.  She will arrive in late December.  She will be attending the local community college in the spring.  God had His hand in this process from the very beginning.  To obtain a visa in Guatemala is extremely difficult.  However our girl breezed right through the process.  God is so awesome!  The little ones are very excited to have her live with us too.