Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday

Today we celebrated Carson's 9th birthday by building Lego City for six hours, had dinner at Mike's seafood, played in the arcade, walk in the boardwalk and had ice cream at Yum Yum's.  He said, "it was the best birthday ever."

Nine things that I love about you in no particular order:
1. Your loving heart.
2. Your sense of humor.
3. Your love for your siblings.
4. Caring for animals.
5. Your talent in the gym and on the baseball field.
6. Your relationship with the Lord.
7. Your love to sit close and hold my hand when watching a movie or talking.
8. Your spirit.
9. That you are my son.

Height 48 1/2
Weight 50 lbs
Shoe size 12 1/2
Pants 7 slim
Shirt 7


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Better late than never

Well, Carson finished 2nd grade with honors.  He received science, reading, spelling and kingdom builders awards.  Of course we had our daily struggles with: getting the last word in, having a temper when he did not do well on a test or assignment, and MATH good old MATH. Math is a daily struggle with Carson.  He has a complete block when it comes to simple math problems however the harder the math problem the easier it is for him.  Crazy right?! Overall he had a good year.  Praise God!