Monday, October 29, 2007

Our prayer tonight.

Dear Heavenly Father, I praise you for who you are. Lord this is a beginning of a new week, I ask that you will ease the hearts of administration in Guatemala, the adoption files that are in PGN will get through quickly, and families waiting for pick up dates will receive them soon. My request is in your holy name. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

His eyes

When I look into Carson's BIG brown eyes I wonder what is he thinking? My mind can make up the best stories. However my thoughts are usually: Does he wonder still who I am? Does he like it here? What will he think about me when he gets older? Will he want to move back to Guatemala? Will he want to know his birth parents? What about his siblings ALL six of them? What happened to his foster mother?

I have read plenty of books about adoptive children however, the questions may be similar but each child has different feelings and thoughts.

Dear Carson,

You are the sun shine of my life. When you have questions about your adoption I will be honest with you. I will give you all the information I have pertaining to your birth parents, siblings and foster family. I will help you learn about Guatemala. If you would like to travel to Guatemala one day I will go with you. Please remember Carson- you are the best gift ever.

I love you sweet baby boy,

Friday, October 26, 2007

Guatemalan Temper!!

Wow, my little guy's temper is wild. If Carson can not figure something out ( i.e. putting a puzzle piece in the right spot) his had goes flying back, he falls on the floor and starts crying and kicking his feet. Uh! Second example; Carson loves balls, any type and size, today as we were walking to my SUV there was a soccer ball on the grass. Carson began pointing and yelling at the soccer ball. I told Carson who is thirteen months old,"Yes, I see the ball." "We are late for our dinner, we have to go." Oh, did I push his temper button- his head flew back and hit me in the face, his hands were flying , feet were kicking and he was crying loudly all within 2 seconds of saying "we have to go." Needless to say trying to get him in the car seat safely was a challenge.
I must confess...Before having a child of my own, when I saw a child throwing a temper in the store, church, restaurant, etc. I would think-Oh, I'm glad I am not "that Mother" and "that's not my child" because........... and now "I am that Mother" and "that's my child".

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank You!

Lord, Thank You for your faithfulness, mercy and grace. I pray for all the Moms and Dads waiting for their children to be placed in their arms. Lord, I ask that you will soften the hearts of the administration in Guatemala that have control of the adoption process. Lord, I also pray for all the Mothers who have given their children up for adoption. Please ease their hearts and grant them peace. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have given us but most of all thank you for your forgiveness.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Adoption Questions

Today was day one of a three day educational conference in Atlantic City. The word traveled around the educational conference that I adopted a child from Guatemala and the questioned started. Below are a few questions I was asked which really bothered me:

1. Why did you adopted when you are so young and single?
2. Don't you think your child needs a Dad?
3. Wow, you must make a nice salary, because adoption is expensive and you are single?
4. Why didn't you adopt in the United States?

Were do people get off asking me such personal questions. I do not mind answering questions to someone who is truly interested in adoptions however, for someone just to ask to be rude is unacceptable.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Carson's 1st day at gymnastics

Today Carson and I attended our first "Mommy and me" gymnastics class. The class started at 10:00am with a circle of exercises, learning how to do forward rolls, back rolls, jumping on the trampoline, and hand stands.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Carson has started hitting.

Lately, my son Carson is thirteen months old has started hitting people in the face when he is being held. For the past couple of days no matter who holds him he will hit them in the face at least once or twice. I have been researching on how to correct this behaviour however, I have mixed emotion on what I think is right. Do you have any suggestions? I do not want my little prince to grow up as a bully.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Watching my little boy sleep...

I just checked on my little baby boy and he is sleeping so soundly. Lord- I thank you so much for allowing me to raise your son however, I can not do it without your lead. Please show me your way and help me be the best Christian Mother I can be. In your name only, Amen.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

All Children

Lately my heart is heavy thinking and praying about all the children in the world who are without parents. My thoughts are usually: how do they feel? are they lonely? are they warm? do they have a full stomach? what can I do to help? how can I save the children?

I would love to save all the children in the world but I know that it's simply impossible however, I can pray each day that the Lord will touch a families heart to adopt or sponsor a child.

I am challenging myself to pray for all the children without parents at least a few times a day. Would you join me?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finally..I am doing it!

After being a "peeping blogger want to be"...I decided to start one myself. I too like many of you adopted a child from Guatemala. Carson (my son from Guatemala) and I have only been united together for the last four months and man has it gone fast. The adoption process took me a total of 13 months from start to finish. During the process I struggled with the "waiting" game however the Lord was preparing my heart and mind for Motherhood. Carson and I have bonded very quickly and smoothly. Thank you Lord for blessing me with Carson.