Monday, January 31, 2011

seat belts and what did I do in your belly

Carson started karate last month. While we were in Florida he told us that if he keeps up with karate he will get more seat belts. Jonathan and I laughted all day about his cute little comment.
Carson told Jonathan today when he grows up he wants to be a "bad guy" because he can out run Batman and Robin.
My sweet little boy is asking a ton of questions about what the baby is doing in my belly. But he takes it a step further and wants to know what he did in my belly. Lovely! How do I answer that question?


Reba said...

We have talked about that with both of our kids. I just have told both of them matter of factly, "You didn't grow in my grew in _____'s belly" and I used birthmom's name. I told them what I thought they did as little babies. So far they seem satisfied with that. I try on occasion to pray with them and thank God for their birthmother for carrying them in their tummies (and thanks to God for bringing them home).

We are supposed to be getting a whole bunch of snow. NOT Happy!