Sunday, August 14, 2011

Email received and photo review

Dear Jonathan GretaJo and Group
I want to thank you for all that was accomplished while you were here. Each and everyone of you played such an important part of what God wanted for the the days spent here in Guatemala. Your faithfulness to him has allowed so many to be blessed- they smiled and laughed with us, they played with us and worked. Their lives were filled with your presence, and most of all with His. As you think back over this trip I pray that the faces of those that you came in contact with, those that you shared joy with, will always be imprinted in your mind and heart that you will remember them in your prayers as I know they are remembering you.
Let us always remember that all this was made possible by God's grace and that His grace was and is and will be sufficient for us each time we step out of our comfort zone to do mighty exploits in His Name.
I love each one you and I can see what you bring to His Kingdom. Thank you for coming, thank you for laying your life down and taking up His.

I hope your trip home went ok!
We hope you'll want to come back! It would be great to confirm that as soon as possible.

Lord Bless you all!
Chris, Donna and all those of the Bethel team
P.s. Please forward to those of the group, or if possible, we'd love the emails addresses to be able to stay in touch personally as well. Thanks.
Christopher and Donna Mooney
Bethel Ministries International
Chimaltenango, Guatemala
cell: 011 502 5826-5320
t/fax: 011 502 7839-1513

More stories and pictures to come regarding our trip to Guatemala


Reba said...

Looks like an amazing trip. I cannot wait to hear more.