Monday, October 17, 2011


I have so much to write about however I am not in the mood. In a nutshell without all the details:

My sister and I took my parents out to dinner for their anniversary.

Carson did very well on his progress report.

Shauna is rehearsing for the school play. She has one of the lead roles.

We are flying to Florida this week.

We had a really great time at the fall party this weekend (thanks mom and dad).

Why do people love drama? It makes me ill-

We leased out one of our horses. The barn seems different without her.

I only have a two more gifts to buy for Christmas.

Have you ever listened to the way some people talk to others? Holy Cow! People can be rude and nasty.

I work with someone who always looks for the negative in others. what did they do wrong? what did they miss? What didn't they do? get the point. YUCK!

Cinderella is great! We are so in love with her :)

I'm scheduled for a second phone interview tomorrow night however I think I am going to decline the position.

I have to remember our wedding anniversary is next week('something' is this Friday but I am not sure what). I am awful with dates.

I dislike Halloween! Thank God for Best. She loves taking Carson out for Halloween.


Reba said...

Life sounds good for the most part. I am jealous about Florida. :) I agree on the ugly talking.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Sounds busy. We love Halloween because its dressing up and its right at Maya's birthday so of course she loves fall. Oh and the beautiful weather for trail riding, of course now we are packed up to go camping so the truck isn't usable right now so I think the trails will have to wait until next year.
I hated Jr high and High school, enough said, can't stand all the crap that went with it, grow up I"m in my mid thirties luckily at least most people have.