Saturday, December 31, 2011

Carson's top 10 for 2011

Wow, this year went by in a flash. Carson had a wonderful year. There were many firsts for him this year which were all taken in stride. Carson continues to be soft-hearted and strong-willed. Yes, there have been a few trials with Carson this year, however nothing we could not handle together. Carson adapted very well to his little sister. He is very caring and loving with her. He continues to keep us laughing throughout the day with his silly personality.
Carson,thank you for teaching me how to love you even more this year than I already do. You make me smile whenever I think of you. You have my heart and I love calling you my son. May the Lord continue to shape and mold you into a handsome young boy. Happy New Year sweet baby boy!

10.went to his first wedding (Uncle Joey's)
9.sleeps with the light off
8.went on 'big kid' roller coasters with Best
7.received his first trophy in soccer
6.went to his first girl birthday party
5.scored his first soccer goal
4.started kindergarten
3.went on Tower of Terror (twice!)
2.stayed healthy all year
1.started reading


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

all very exciting firsts! We have had friends with hard years this year and there are so many others. The pain of losing my grampy was and is hard but other then that we have had such a fantastic wonderful year!

Reba said...

Sounds like Carson had a good year! Love the soft hearted, strong willed comment. I have one of those at my house. :) Happy new year!