Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smart boy

with a smart mouth. What the heck?!
Is it the age?
Are we doing something wrong?
The friends he is hanging out with at school?
A stage?

Wash his mouth out with soap?
Talk with him about his smart mouth?
Oh wait, I did that... I said, Carson I do not like your smart mouth. He quickly replied but I am smart Mommy. UgH!
Time out?
Do nothing?
Do all of the above?

Please do not tell me I'm the only one dealing with this issue.


Reba said...

All of my kids have gone through this at this age. And I see my students doing the same thing. It really is normal. I would have a lot of "do overs". Like "say that to me in a different way..." Or tell him he can't talk for like five minutes, then give him another chance. It is a phase...he will outgrow it. (And probably find a new phase to go into :)

Erin said...

If you figure it out, please have Carson teach my daughter. :) We use "go to your room" and then when we let her back out, we make her say what she wanted to say "with respect." It's a phrase she's now learning to turn on us and say, "but when you sent me to my room, you didn't say it with respect." She's probably right - ouch!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I would say its the kids. Daycare and or school they are going to pick this up from other kids.
That type of talking is not allowed here, but I will be fighting it I"m sure next year when she goes to school.
Also this time of year I swear they are all acting out right now.

Bobbi said...

OH, it is the age for sure!! Reese is a little smart mouth too. The other day I had enough, and put him in his place. A stern lecture in the car for the 15 minute ride home. NO movie in the car that day, no TV when we got home, lunch at the table instead of while he watched his show....
Thankfully, it seems to have gotten through. One other relapse this week, but I quickly and firmly had a consequence. Now, he keeps pointing out to me how he made the right choice!!
Good times....... :) But, you are NOT alone