Sunday, April 22, 2012

stop talking back

Let the talking back begin.  UH!

M:Carson you have 10 minutes before bed
 C: No, I have 20 minutes 

M: Carson please stop yelling in the car
C: No I do not want to
M: Who do you think you are talking to?
C: you
M: you are not talking to me like that
C: yes, I did.
M: Carson
C: Mommy I can not lie

M: Carson I am not buying you a toy gun
C: Mommy I really want the gun
M: I am sorry but the answer is no
C: Daddy will buy it for me

M: Carson Please stop
M: Carson Please stop
M: Carson did you hear me?
C: yea but I am playing

Am I alone here? 


Reba said...

Oh goodness. No. So not alone. I really do wish you lived just down the road. We could laugh (and cry) together over this parenthood thing! We have been hing big struggles with the talking back thing. And the "But I want to..." response is wearing me out. I keep looking for verses to tell me exactly what to do with that, but I have yet to find them!

Bobbi said...

NOPE!!! And, my Reese is not only talking back but is nasty!! "This is lame dinner" "HOLY CRAP"----Reese don't say that. "Mama does" GRRRRRR

OR the attitude and eye roll. I know it's the age, but he may not make it to the next age!!!!

You are not alone

Ruthanne said...

Alone??? Oh no. Not at all. Andrew's favorite is: I know, Mommy. I know everything!