Saturday, December 1, 2012

Its not a perfect world but we will meet one day

Well Rachel Jean- if it was a perfect world you would be 4 weeks old today.  I can still hear your heartbeat echoing through my ears.  I frequently look at your ultrasound photos which brings me to tears that you are not with us however I know you are perfect in heaven.  Rachel I would have never wanted you to suffer.  Yes there are many different levels of Turners syndrome. however the way the testing came back you would have really suffered in life physically and mentally.  I would never, ever want that for you.  With that being said, it does not make the pain any easier nor my desire to have you in my life any less.  What gives me hope is one day we will be together.  Until then you will continue to grow in my heart.  I love you my angel girl. 

Why did we pick the name Rachel?  Its from the bible of-course
Love conquers all
It was love at first sight for Rachel and Jacob, but there was no 'happy ending' for them.
Rachel found it hard to conceive and Jacob's other wives, though less loved, were more fertile;
they had ten sons. Rachel bore Joseph but died in childbirth when her second son Benjamin was born. These twelve sons were the forefathers of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
Her middle name Jean-
My mom's middle name and Jonathan's grandmother's first name


Reba said...

Hugs to you. :( What a beautiful reunion that will be one day when you do meet again. Praying for God's peace and rest while you wait...