Tuesday, May 28, 2013

As I sit here typing this letter my heart is filled with mixed emotions. I have questioned the Lord over the past years as to why he brings certain people in and out of our lives. Some of the people have caused heartache while others have brought joy. With that being said, rewind the clock eight years. I made a decision then, being single, to adopt a son from Guatemala. This decision was based on the desire to have a child and the need to fill one of the biggest voids in my life at the time, being alone. So the Lord showed me through time that I have what it takes to be loved and to love again no matter what. Carson has changed my life in ways I cannot describe. He has taught me so much about myself. Carson has taught me to forgive even when it hurts. Needless to say, there has been some healing that has taken place in my heart. God has always been faithful and has given more than I could every ask for in so many ways. One of those ways is to allow us to be part of an ongoing mission to serve the people of Guatemala. What began as a curious and anxious team of 4, God has blossomed into a group of over 20 willing and able volunteers.
As our mission team prepares our hearts to embark on this next journey to Guatemala in July, we have no idea what the Lord has in store for us. However, from past experiences he has revealed to us that money does not buy happiness, sadness can be turned into joy, prayers can be answered, that giving to others with a cheerful heart is more of a blessing than receiving, and so much more. Over the past few years, I have been asked why we don’t just send the people in Guatemala money and they can build their own homes, get their own food, and take care of their own needs. Well, my response is usually something like this “It’s easy to write a check and place it in the mail, however when your hands and feet are doing the work for the Lord your heart is changed forever.” Some people understand my response while others just shake their heads.
While money doesn’t buy happiness, the reality is we need funds to be able to provide such things as homes, beds, food, water filters, wheelchairs, and other needs of families (many of whom are widows with children) as the Lord shows us.
In order to help raise those funds, on June 8, 2013 we will be hosting our third annual Walk/Run/Ride4Relief and Yard/Bake sale event. Please come out that day and show your support. One hundred percent of the funds raised are used to purchase home construction materials, monthly food supplies for families, water filters, beds, wheelchairs, and other needs that we see while we’re there. If you can’t attend this event and would like to make a donation please send it to Calvary Baptist Church, 2373 US Route 9 Oceanview, NJ 08230. In the memo line please indicate “Guatemala missions”. Would you be so kind to keep us in your prayers as we continue to fundraise and prepare our hearts and minds for what is to come in the next few weeks. Also, please keep our families in your prayers as they care for our little ones while we are in Guatemala serving others.


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I normally send stuffed animals and such to Vanessa to take down for project Santa. I don't know if she will be going this year or not. do you even take stuff like that down?
If you ever do any shopping I would l love to make a request or two.....