Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mean streak

Carson can be a sweet, loving, kind little boy.  But he has a mean streak in him which we are trying to get a handle on.  He will push, hit, grab and be rough with other kids for no reason. Carson also struggles with people's space.  When we ask him why he just did blank he can not answer the question. If we ask him what he should have done he will give the right answer every time. So it's fair to say he knows right from wrong.  But why the negative behavior?  He gets plenty of positive attention.  He gets a ton of love and affection from us.  We give him praise when he does well. So what the heck?  We pray about this unwanted behavior.  I asked the principal
 if he thought Carson was a bully and he said no as it's not all the time and all the kids love him.  So what is it?


Reba said...

I have been there. With the diet change, things are better. But there are still times I just cringe. My child is so sensory seeking and doesn't always seem to understand boundaries. Sigh...

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I don't know, sometimes they seem to go thru a time where they just have a hard time controlling their behaviors even though they know it's not right. I don't know if it's growing, growing up or what but I know it happens. I would go with the no sugar, have no idea about red dye but I know even my husband had issues as a child with it. And do what you are doing, calling him on it because you expect more from him. Hopefully it will pass. Hang in there.