Sunday, December 15, 2013

Grapes to wine.

Today during my study I was reading how sometimes we go through situations in are life where our grapes are being crushed.  Maybe it's trying to have a baby, work problems, marriage issues, empty bank account, problem children, etc.  during these dark times it feels as if God is stomping on our grapes (life) and we do not understand why.  But once the stomping is complete we are drinking a glass of wine.  However, during the midst of the situation we can can not see what he is doing but we are feeling it.  I am challenged to start leaning on him more than I normally do during hard situations.   I need to continue to have daily conversation with him about my thoughts.  But most of all, I need to praise him for all things.  Yes, even the things that I can not control. Sure,  it's very easy to write about but harder to do.  I have decided instead of unnessary chatter with others I will be giving God praise.  Furthermore, I will share my own stories how God took my grapes and made them into a perfect glass of wine.  I am..wait I am going through another grape crushing currently trust I am waiting to drink another fine glass of wine (I am hoping it will be this week).