Sunday, March 1, 2015

There it sits. The tires are filled with the correct air pressure.  The brakes have been greased.  The pedals have been greased and replaced.  The seat has been cleaned.   It has been waxed and it shines so pretty.  It sits properly in its indoor rack just waiting to be worked. It’s placed in an approatiate spot in my bedroom where I can see the TV and the kid’s bedroom.    What is it…it’s my cycling bike. My bike is waiting for me it’s all tuned up for the upcoming cycling season.  However in the past few days, I have walked by it, looked at it, hung my clothes on it, hit my knee on the tires, wiped it down and the list goes on.  You see, I just have not been in the mood to ride my bike.  I have more excuses as to why I am not in the mood than why I should.  I try not to look at it. But it’s there- It’s there when I wake up, go to bed, and walk into my bedroom.   UGH!   I was having a conversation with the Lord and I sat quietly waiting for Him to reply.  Then I thought my relationship with the Lord is like my bike.  It’s been proven that ½ hour of exercise a day does the body well.  But what does exercise have to do with our relationship with the Lord?  Exercise takes: time, energy, commitment and determination.  Pushing through even when there is sweat, pain, laziness and excuses.  Can you see the correlation between the two? 
Anyway, it’s that time of year again as we are planning our annual fundraising events for the upcoming mission trip(s).  Our largest event which brings in people from all around NJ and PA is the bike tour through Cape May County.  The date is scheduled for June 20th.  If you are not a bike rider there are other ways to support this cause.  We have a walk and/or run with different mileage depending on your flavor.  There is also a large yard sale, bake sale and BBQ during the day.  This event grows more and more with your support and word of mouth.    With your support we build homes, sponsor children, feed families, and provide wheelchairs to children and adults and much more.  Please note 100 percent of the proceeds are given domestically as well internationally.
Well, thank you for your attention to this newsletter.  I hope I motivated you in some way to help or at least to exercise your relationship with God.  Remember- He wipes away our sin, He will never leave us or forsake us, He forgives us, and most of all He wants to spend time with us. Our God is an awesome God.