Saturday, May 2, 2015

shadowing and baseball

Carson shadowed at a new school last week.  I was highly impressed with the cleanliness of the school, professionalism of the staff, student's attitudes and test scores.  The decision to switch private schools is a hard one but combining 3rd and 4th grade in his current school for next year is not favorable to me.  I understand combining classes is normal at some schools however its not in the best interest of Carson. When I spoke with Carson about changing schools next year he said, "My friends are my world.  They will miss me." After a heartfelt conversation he was willing to see the new school.  Fast forward a few weeks- the shadowing happened in the 2nd grade class.  At the end of the day Carson heard the teacher say to the class, "You only have spelling words tonight."  So of course Carson thinks he will only have spelling words for homework if he goes there.  HaHa.
So baseball has started and Carson is doing well this season.  He is playing catcher and short-stop.  Both positions are very active so that works for him.  He is hitting really well.  Its great to see him comfortable in the batters box.