Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Most nights when I lay with Carson before he falls asleep my mind is non stop. I am thinking of all the things I have to get done and I am really not in the moment with him. However, tonight was different; I forced myself to just focus on him. Instead of reading a book tonight he wanted us to draw together. We talked about drawing a house. We both took turns with different parts of the house which was a lot of fun however we did not stop there. We drew trees, clouds, sun, a net for the bad guys to fall into (what a boy), and a swing set. As Carson was drawing the swing set he said "I am going to draw two swings. One swing is for Best and one swing is for me." I replied "Ok, that's really nice." A few minutes later, Carson said, "we drew the prettiest house on the street." I quickly replied "Yes we did." So I asked him to tell me a story about our drawing ...are you ready?
Story from Carson
My Mommy built a pretty house and if you step on the crack you will break her back. The three bad guys came into the house to get food as they were hungry. But the sun was shining too bright and burnt their eyes so they ran and fell into the net. Best was out back playing on the playground when she saw the cops and fire trucks pull up to the house. Best ran out front screaming Carson, Carson great job for hanging the net. The end.


Reba said...

Love the story! Love his imagination!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

love the imagination! its awesome.