Monday, January 7, 2008

Blessed beyond measure

Lately I have been reminiscing about the 'adoption process' and the uncertainties that comes along with it. I truly believe God hand picked Carson to be my son and does the same for other adopted families.
How have you been blessed?


Becca said...

I am very blessed as well. My blessing hugs my neck, whispers she loves me and is completely WILD! That's how I know the Lord chose to put the two of us together as mother and daughter!

Momma to Ella

Christina said...

Have to agree on the blessed part.
That is an absolutely beautiful picture...and I sooooo wish I had just a tad of their coloring.

Bobbi said...

There is nothing more precious than a sleeping child.

I have been blessed times four. My husband, who is more wonderful to me than I often deserve, my two beautiful daughters who were placed in my body to grow, and one who was placed in my heart to grow.

Adoption changes you, and from what I can see it makes us all that much better and stronger. Thank you for making us remember how blessed we are.

Reba said...

I echo what all of the others have said...what a blessing when I look in the faces of my precious children, both "homegrown" and "Guatemalan grown". (and hubby too...he was instrumental in it all ) Sometimes my heart just overflows with joy at what God has given. I can even write this as I listen to our precious little son protesting the nap he so desperately needs :)

Our Family of 5 said...

I too am very blessed! I have 3 of the best children in the world. I love the picture. That is just amazingly beautiful!

junglemama said...

How very precious!

Anonymous said...

What a precious picture!! Thank you for this post.

Ruthanne said...

I have been blessed with an amazing baby boy. I have received so many signs that he was meant to be my child--there's no explanation--only awe.