Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yesterday, my sweet son turned 23 months

Wow, time really flies by when your having fun...Below is a list of 23 things Carson has taught me over past 23 months.

1. When its God's timing and plan it all works out.
2. Dreams do come true.
3. For the first eight months of Carson's life I grew to love him more each day by prayer and looking at his updated photos.
4. I learned how to change diapers. ;)
5. I could go to bed after 9:00pm and not turn into a pumpkin.
6. Working is not my life.
7. Guatemalans are beautiful, kind folks.
8. Being a Mother is none stop.
9. It's not about me. I need to say it again, It's not about me.
10. Days and nights do not always go as planned.
11. Eating out with a toddler is not easy.
12. Ants and bugs are fun to play with.
13. My sweet baby boy always puts a smile on my face.
14. I learned how to give Carson a bath. Thanks Essie!
15. It's OK to have toys ALL over the house.
16. I really miss 'my time' out at the horse stable (I have to be honest).
17. I love my son more than I could ever express.
18. Carson is a gift from the Lord.
19. I can mow my grass, while Carson sits in the stroller drinking a bottle.
20. Having finger marks on the walls is not a big deal.
21. Being a Mother is wonderful.
22. While going through the adoption process, I was not in control.
23. I've learned to love again.


Reba said...

I loved the list and found myself just chuckling very true. You learn so much from your kids...I have learned more about God through having children than I ever knew before. And yes, becoming a parent means "It is not about me..." At the same time, it is very normal to miss that "my time" that you once had. I love reading about Carson and admire so much you as a mother. Being a mom isn't easy, being a single mom is even more difficult. But you are doing such an amazing job. It is evident in the joy and the love I see in Carson's eyes and smile, and it is evident in your posts. May God bless the next 23 years (and beyond :)

Bobbi said...

Thanks for this....I may have to copy this for his 24 months. I like that you admitted that it is not always easy and fun. You are right, eating out with a toddler is NOT fun!!

Christina said...

This was a really neat post. Happy 23 months Carson.

Heidi said...

Great post and everything about it I agree with 100%!

Becca said...

Wow - the last one got me. I love you and Carson! I may copy this idea...

Peace and Hugs,

Natalie C. said...

I love when you do these lists.

Robyn said...

What a great post!! Happy 23 Month Birthday Carson!!


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

That is a great list. I know exactly what you mean by a few of them.

Ruthanne said...

What a great list. I love that fingerprints on the wall don't matter. And that you're honest about missing alone time at the stables.

Steve & Amy said...

I couldn't have said it better! What a great post!

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy day. What a great list.

Vanessa said...

Isen't it just amazing what kids can teach you in such a short time?? They're truly a blessing!