Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Carson in action at preschool

Carson started at a montessori christian preschool three weeks ago. The first day of preschool was perfect. The next day Carson's separation anxiety kicked in. After we hung up his coat in the morning he wraps his body around my leg as I try to walk, he starts saying "do not leave", very softly he starts crying and it gets louder the closer we walk to his classroom. We have about a ten minute goodbye, 15 plus kissing and at least 20 hugs. As I peel him off of me and I walk away I can hear him crying and calling "I want my Mommy". My heart is heavy and my eyes are filled with tears but I know he will settle in. I call to check on him and the Director always says, "he is fine, he stopped crying within minutes, it will get easier for you". Fast forward eight hours as I walk into his classroom he runs quickly over to me with his arms open giving me a big hug and tells me all about his day.


Reba said...

It is so hard to leave them when they are crying for you. I used to tell incoming kindergarten parents that the best thing to do is just leave. And I still believe that. But I will say that having kids, it is harder to say AND do that. :) It will get better (for both of you). I will say he is getitng so big!

Donna said...

First off - how sweet are those pictures!?! He is so adorable!

Now, back to the hard stuff - the leaving. It stinks, doesn't it? I really appreciated that my preschool took the kiddies from the car. Not just for the ease of getting two kids out, but because it limited the "separating" time. Yes, they cried - but their teacher (my neighbor) said that they stopped crying before they even got to her classroom. It's all show. For us. ;-0

And as a nursery worker, I saw this too (where the kiddos stop crying once their parents leave).

Butttttttt....that does NOT make it any easier on the Mommies. Breaks your heart, doesn't it? Many ((hugs)), it should get better soon.

Bobbi said...

Yes, it is much harder on you, because you don't get to see them happy!! It is so hard. Krista and Cassie used to have a hard time. Reese did as well, but now he is a champ about it!

It may actually be better if you make the departure quicker. As a pre-school teacher, I have found that short and sweet is best. Mom will bring you in, give you one kiss, one hug, then peel them off. In the end,it is easier on both of you, not dragging out the inevitable!! But, you know what works for you. Good luck!!!

He is so big and handsome. They are growing up, aren't they???