Friday, April 9, 2010

The conversations we are having...

I can not believe the type of conversations we are having at my home now with Carson. The other day Carson told us one of his "girlfriends" told him, if he did not play with her, he could not come to her party. Carson replied to the girlfriend, Ok, bye and walked away from her.

The next day, he told us Jesus died on the cross for him. When we asked how he knew that, he replied my friend Justin told me at school.
Then he proceeded to tell us about the nails that were put into Jesus hands. Wow, that was a deep conversation.

Thursday night we were driving home from the horse stable and Carson leans his hand out the window and says, God where are you? Tears filled my eyes faster than I could blink.

Oh how I wish he would keep his innocence.


Reba said...

It is just the start...but a good start. He will keep his innocence for a while. Enjoy those conversations. :) Oh, our 11 year old actually is still fairly "innocent", and we still have some incredible conversations that make me smile and cry at the same time.

Bobbi said...

He is getting so big. Figuring out their world and how it all works. It is amazing listening to how the process it, isn't it?