Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bags of Food

On our first day in Guatemala with the group of eleven we distributed food to a few families that live in the villages. As soon as we drove down the dirt road to deliver food we were greeted by a gang of beautiful Guatemalans who were eager to hug each and everyone of us as we exited our van. Each bag of food contained flour, milk, eggs, rice, beans, pasta, butter, a gallon of pure apple juice and cookies (as a treat). Besides giving bags of food we all brought goodies with us i.e. tee shirts, candy, soaps, socks, shoes, jewelry, balloons, snacks. etc. Most of the group were off playing games and exchanging greetings while I was busy holding a beautiful baby who was layered in clothing.


Bobbi said...

loved the pics!! That baby is precious.......poor thing. Probably soaked in sweat:>)

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

yes they love to wrap their babies in a ton of clothes there, and boy hoody if you are adopting and ont he streets and don't ahve a ton of clothes on your kid they will stop you and tell you your baby is cold, maybe they think sweating babies are healthy babies, Maya was so hot when I came on one of my visit trips beofre I moved there that she had pulled out a ton of hair in anger.

Kimmie said...