Sunday, December 12, 2010

The next year and quick prayer

Carson will be starting a new pre-k christian school in January. He is not aware of the change yet as he hearts his primary teacher. The school which he will be attending has 6 students in the pre-k class. He will have to wear a uniform along with being in class by 8:10am every morning. He will attend 2 full days and 3 1/2 days. The school offers pre-k thru 12th... It's a rather small private school however they have a solid foundation.

Tonight, Carson was playing with his Lego's and I heard him talking really loud..
Carson: Dear God PLEASE help Mommy rip her nose.
Me: What rip my nose, Carson?
Carson: Yea, when you have a tissue and your ripping your nose.
Me: wiping my nose, Carson?!
Carson: Dear God PLEASE help Mommy wipe her nose because she does not know how-


Bobbi said...

Hope all goes well in his new school. Sounds like a great place!!!

That boy is so funny

Reba said...

Sounds like an exciting change for him!

Hope you learn to wipe your nose. :)

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

sorry to hear you can't wipe your nose yet.
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