Saturday, March 12, 2011


Kindergarten registration?! I can not believe it-
My sweet little boy is going to kindergarten this year. OMG! His current teachers feel he is acamdically ready however he still has some maturing to do. :) Carson will be a young 5 year old as his birthday is 9/6/06. Do I send him or hold him back for one year?


Bobbi said...

I truly understand your conflict. Reese turns 5 on 8-23. He is partly ready, but not ready enough. His speech delay is really holding him back. While I don't want to hold him back, many people have told me I won't regret waiting that year. It gives them an extra jump. I am slowly coming to peace with it. But, I look at it as making the transition to Kindergarten easier for him in the end.
You can always register him later this Summer when you have a better feel for it. Six months is a long time!
Prayers to you, as I know how difficult this decision is. I am with you

Reba said...

What is the cutoff where you live? Ours is August 1. I kind of think that I would wait. That is usually what I tell parents who ask...if in doubt, wait. :) I was really up in the air with one of mine (a girl) and didn't wait and now feel like we just have to keep going though I really question my decision. Academically she has fared okay, but socially we have struggled. And even though she was young when she came home, I am not seeing some major language delays I didn't realize before. I usually advise parents to think ahead too to the teen years. Will he be one of the older ones of the group of friends or one of the younger ones (learning from the older ones). I agree with the poster above...wait until later in the summer to decide. Look where he is emotionally and socially. That is always the biggest thing to me as a teacher.

Alissa said...

wow how time is flying, i cannot believe it is the time to talk about kindergarten already. i dont have any experience with this good, luck little momma,

Gena said...

Hey Greta-Congtratualtions! I am so happy for you and wish you the best. I understand your issue w/sending Carson early. I will be faced with the same situation w/Ross. He was born 9/11/08. I am thinking I may hold him back for maturity reasons just from my personal experience at work with the younger children.