Saturday, April 23, 2011

37 days to go...

I think my heart just skipped 20 beats.... My emotions are like the weather forecast. Every day they are completely different. I am very excited about the arrival of the baby however extremely nervous and full of anxiety. Currently the baby weights 4lbs 12 ozs and is doing great! Carson loves to touch and kiss my belly. We still have not picked out the car seat and stroller. We are hoping to purchase a the combo set this week(if I can decide on the color and brand,LoL.)


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Lots of decision. Since I didn't go with the top of the line Britax etc we went with safety 1st, they did excellent in all the crash tests and are a great price/ the one I got Benjamin goes down to 4 pounds but has 17% more leg room so they can stay rear facing in it, I went with the infant seat just beacause they seem to fit more securely in them. Maya has one as well and it goes to 80 pounds or something like that, she's still in a 5 point harness and I will keep her in that as long as possilbe because I think its safer then the belt that hooks thru the seat. Good Luck!