Monday, July 25, 2011

Borders- happiness vs holiness

Jonathan and I went on quick dates to Borders bookstore for years. We loved to get a cup of coffee and walk around the store gathering books. We would skim the books at the table as we drank our coffee. Most of the time we would go our seperate ways in the store and meet back at the table with very similar books. We were very comfortable with short conversations regarding what we were reading. I also enjoyed sitting at the table and people watching. Those days are coming to an end as our local Borders store is closing. I will truly miss frequenting Borders with Jonathan.

I am struggling right now with happiness vs holiness. I am trying to understand the difference as a Christian. My prayer lately is that happiness vs holiness would be revealed to me. Does anyone else struggle in this area? Can someone please give me their view on the differences between the two?


Reba said...

We used to have dates (at Barnes and Noble), and last night I ran into a friend of mine about to be married at B and N...they were on a date too. I know you will miss having it.

I will have to think on the happiness vs. holiness subject. The one thing that came to mind is a quote by John Piper. "God is most glorified in us when we are satisfied in Him." I just think about how our happiness should be based upon our relationship with God, which involves seeking holiness. Let me mull this over some more...