Sunday, July 31, 2011

The employer

While I was driving to pick up Shauna the other night I was having a conversation with the Lord about my struggles and fears regarding our upcoming trip to Guatemala. Yes, I have been there numerous times however not one trip has been the same. My heart has been broken and changed on every trip in different ways. But this time, I am struggling in ways I can not put into words. So, during the conversation the Lord revealed to me....Greta Jo, You applied for the job. I am your employer. You went through a series of interviews. I read over your resume' and you fit the job description. I offered you the job and you accepted it. Now go to work and if you have questions or need guidance seek and he shall find, ask and it will be answered, knock and I will answer. Well, my first day is August 3 at 4:30am, I am packed and ready to work for the Lord.


Reba said...

What better boss could you ask for? :) Thinking of you this week!

Leah and Maya said...

Definelty difficult, emotional and an amazing trip all at the same time. Be safe have a great trip!

Bobbi said...

Travel safe!! This post is so true, friends of ours who are missionaries in Africa have quoted that same exact verse.

Can't wait to hear more!!