Wednesday, July 20, 2011

heartbreaking and meltdowns

Well, I started back to work today. I put on a good show however my heart was missing my children. I wanted to be with them all day. I had their cute little smiles in my mind as people were talking to me. There were many times today when I would be listening to people however my mind was focused on the children. I know this will pass with time but for now its an adjustment. I remember the first time I dropped Carson off at the daycare. I had to pull off the road as I was crying so hard. As I have mentioned before I am only working three full days during the week for a few months until my FMLA expires.
Carson has bible camp all week. He is loving it. However he is coming home very, very tired and having full meltdowns over everything. He is getting so dark this summer. We apply SPF 100 on him and he is still tans.
Greta Rebecca will be seven weeks old tomorrow. She is 9lbs 20 ozs and 21 inches long. Wow, my girl is growing... She is tracking people and objects with her eyes. Her smile lights up her cute face. She is making all types of cute sounds. Everyone is so in love with her.


Reba said...

It will get better. But I also know how heartbreaking it is. I had to smile on the meltdowns part, not because it is funny but because I can totally understand. I am reading The Spirited Child which actually fits two of my children (in different ways), and the whole meltdown thing is discussed in there. We have those at our house and fatigue is almost always the root. Good luck!

Leah and Maya said...

I just realized yesterday at how nice things had been, Maya's whateve ryou wnat to call them had stopped. Well really only for a couple of days but wow its like a whole different day without them, for both of us. She is a growing girl! Benjamin is just so dang big, and Maya was soooo small, its wierd to have these oppostie kids, I love it, mixes things up a bit.

Bobbi said...

Thinking of you. I am sure it is so hard!!

Meltdowns are so hard. Don't you just wish we could have them!!!