Wednesday, June 6, 2012


As most of you know 5 years ago I adopted my son Carson from Guatemala. Guatemala is considered a third world country meaning its poor extremely poor. There is no government assistance program( i.e. welfare, housing allowance, etc) most children and adults go to bed hungry, sleep on dirt floors, and drink dirty water which is contaminated with other fluids.
I will be traveling to Guatemala in July with 16 other team members. We need to raise funds for our projects: building three homes, wheelchair distribution, supplying twelve families with a month worth of staple foods, clothing at least 100 Guatemalans. In order for these projects to be a success we are having an awesome fundraiser this Saturday.
The fundraiser is a bike ride, walk, run for relief along with a huge yard sale, chowder cook off and more.
The registration begins at 7 am; ride begins at 8am am; walk/run begins at 9am.
4 bike routes: 2 miles, 5 miles, 16 miles, 35 miles
2 walk/run routes: 2 miles and 5 miles
I am sure you are asking yourself where is this going to take place? Well, it will be held at Calvary Baptist Church in Ocean View right on Route 9 you can not miss it...
If you can not make the event and you would like to make a donation please feel free to send your donation to:
Calvary Baptist Church
rt 9
Ocean View, NJ 08230