Monday, June 25, 2012

my boy

Today as I was driving Carson to his first day of summer camp I looked in my rear-view mirror and could not believe my eyes.  My sweet baby boy looked so big sitting in his booster sit.  I had to do a triple take.  I could not believe what I saw... now mind you I see Carson everyday but today was different.  I saw a boy sitting in the back seat of my car.  Everything about him is changing.  His vocabulary is large for a 5 year old, he is getting taller and his face is really starting to mature.  During our conversation I said to him "Carson, Mommy does not want you to grow up too fast."  He quickly replied, "But Mommy I have to grow up so I can play football." 


Reba said...

Love his response. Don't blink. The next thing you know he is sitting next to you, a hint of a mustache on his upper lip, and his voice is deeper...Trust me, I know. :(

Ruthanne said...

ugh. it's AWFUL, isn't it??? I have been telling Andrew to stop growing for a few months now--even offered to pay him to KEEP his teeth instead of losing them--but he won't listen to me. Tonight, I was cutting his nails and almost passed out when I saw his feet. They are 10 times bigger than they were last week! How does that happen????

(and, yes, I was sort of in your neighborhood but we were crazy busy the whole week. I didn't even get to see Marianne and Olivia and they live in the same town as my parents. lol)