Monday, July 26, 2010

He keeps me on my toes...

In church on Sunday Carson said, "Daddy I think that man has a baby in his belly."
Today Carson told me "Mommy I am sorry for breaking (hurting) your feelings."
"Mommy look an old girl from your work."
We had a bag filled with gifts for the kids in Guatemala so needless to say, Carson found the bag here is the conversation:
Mommy what is this?
Toys for the kids in Guatemala.
Hmm, Mommy can I have one of the toys?
No Carson they are for the kids in Guatemala.
Mommy I am from Guatemala so I can have one.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It was a good weekend

Friday night we went to see a Phillies baseball game. We stayed the night in Phila as Noah was flying back to New Mexico early in the morning. Carson stayed behind and spent the night with my sister Tracey. They had lots of fun. Tracey took him to the Sea Isle boardwalk to play in the arcade plus he got another hermit crab. Thank you Tracey for watching my sweet baby boy. He loved hanging out with his "Best". Saturday it was a busy day lots of errands and busy work around the house. Sunday was church and then a potluck dinner and prayer send off for the eleven of us leaving for Guatemala Wednesday morning.
My sweet baby boy is going through the "But Stage". If we ask him to do something its 99 percent of the time "But Mommy or But Daddy" Sometimes the "buts" make me laugh however I find myself getting frustrated with his strong will and temper. Thank God Jonathan has a very calm and patient demeanor. I was sharing the story tonight about my thoughts pre parenting, I always thought my child would not act that way. My child will always listen, my child will follow all the rules. Yea Right! What the heck was I smoking?! Once again, I am praying this is "just" a stage...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One week from today

I will be traveling to Guatemala with eleven church family members.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Its been a while.

Its been so long since I last blogged or commented on my fellow blog pages. Life has been a little unnerving for me over the past two weeks. I would truly love to blog about it however its not the correct place nor time. I know the Lord has a plan for my life and he will lead my path. I need to trust him more as he knows what is best for me.
The weather this summer so far has been great. Yes, its hot however I love the HOT weather. With fair skin and light eyes its difficult for me to be in the sun without burning. So needless to say, sun block becomes my best friend in the summer months. Jonathan and Carson both tan just thinking about the sun... We spend a good deal of our evenings outside soaking in the sun light.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

last weekend

It was a family weekend. Saturday we spent the day at my parents house enjoying the beautiful weather, pool and BBQ. The evening was rather quiet as Jonathan had a golf lesson and Shauna had to work so the rest of us (Noah, Carson and I) hung at the house. I finished mowing the back yard. There is something about mowing grass that I love. I am not sure what it is but I always volunteer to mow even if its 90 degrees outside. Yes, its a push mower!
Sunday was church and then a wonderful BBQ at my cousin Kim's home. It was great hanging out with my cousins. There is always plenty of laughs when we are all together. Sure there are quiet moments but nothing that would make one feel uncomfortable. I went into my cousin Kim's home which used to be my Grandparents for the first time or maybe the second time since my Grandmother (Greta) passed away many years ago I wanted to see her remodeled kitchen. It looks great! As I was walking around the downstairs of her home everything seemed OK within my spirit. However, as I turned the corner near the steps leading to the upstairs-"the smell, that smell, how I remember that smell" of my Grandparents home was stronger then ever. So needless to say, I had goosebumps and a flood of memories that clouded my mind. Memories that took me back to when I was a child. Memories of ALL the family being together. Memories that I would love to have back. Memories which hurt and memories which make me laugh. It amazes me how a smell can drum up a high tide of memories. A smell that makes me think I would see my Grandmother sitting on the couch doing a crossword puzzle or reading a book. A smell that makes me think I could walk into the kitchen and see my Grandfather drinking his coffee in his McDonald's coffee cup which was white with a faided arch while looking out the window. A smell that can make me see all the family sitting around on a Sunday afternoon for dinner. Life goes by so fast.... But like they say, memories last a life time!