Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Best

Today is Tracey's birthday. Carson calls her "Best". He is totally in love with her. They have a great relationship and I pray it continues. Best and Carson usually have a date night once every other week however they see each other weekly. Best and Carson frequent the boardwalk, zoo and their favorite of all favorites once a year Monster Truck show in Wildwood. I asked Carson want he wanted me to type to Best for her birthday so here it goes...
Happy Birthday. Thank you for my present. Thanks for the Christmas card. I am going to see the monster trucks crash into cars. Thanks for taking me to the monster trucks. That's it.


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

awww too cute!
So lucky you didn't buy the horse. Watch out even withthe x-rays. I had my Hannovarian x-rayed when we first found the problem and then not too long before I had her put to sleep, and the x-rays didn't really show any rotation, but her symptoms were classic and we could nerve block her to isolate the problem, so other then an MRI which they say is the only real way to tell, which costs a pretty penny and really what difference does it make, we tried different corrective shoeing, anything you could think of.
So FYI the first year it started she had some lameness and then it improved, until the ground got hard. They next year she was just plan lame and it got worse and worse. They say if they are just goign to get it genetically then it normally developes between 7-9 years old, hers did. I had done some jumping with her, but not much so concussion wasn't a cause. I new a horse that was navicular from being a hunter/jumper and yet with corrective shoes he was rideable and happy as just a pleasure trail riding horse, nothing to much.
Email me if you have any questions, its been awhile but I might still be of help. gretsky4 at

Anonymous said...

Thank You Carson (and mommy)! I love you. Cant wait for our date to the monster truck on Oct 2.