Saturday, May 21, 2011

less then two weeks to go... and I can not wait

Carson is counting down the days until the baby arrives. Phew! While we were driving yesterday he asked... will the baby have tan skin like me or white skin like Mommy?

I have truly enjoyed the pregnancy and I am very blessed to have an awesome supportive husband and family.

With the delivery of our new baby there are certain things I can not wait to do again... Please do not laugh at my list as its not the norm-

clean the horses stalls. I really enjoy cleaning the horses stalls as I find it very relaxing and refreshing (lol) from the grid of work.

Mowing the grass- There is something about seeing the grass being cut. I would not want live in an area where there is not grass. I love fresh cut green grass!

Power walking- I love to power walk. Most of my power walks are alone with God as that is where I feel I can talk freely to him.

sleeping on my belly- I am a true belly sleeper :)

Wearing sneakers again- My feet are so fat right now, I only can get my feet into two pairs of shoes and one of the pairs are flip flops.

Planting flowers out front of our home without getting short of breath or dizzy from the lack of air supply. :0)


Reba said...

So excited for you! What a bright kid to think ahead like that on the skin color...most wouldn't notice until after the fact.

Bobbi said...

Can't wait to "meet" this baby!!

Sleeping on your belly----there is nothing like it after a baby!!!
I remember looking at my "old clothes" and being excited to wear them again!!

Leah and Maya said...

I think those are the norm, well to me anyway.