Monday, May 23, 2011

sticks and stones and this and that

Yesterday I was talking to Carson about calling people names i.e poser, loser, fat, ugly, old, ect. and how words can hurt others regardless if you are joking or not. I was telling him when people call you names to turn the other cheek and ignore them. Carson said very quickly, Mommy, you mean like this and turned his other cheek towards me. Too Cute!

Anyway, I have had the privilege of receiving numerous "anonymous" responses to my post... What I find interesting is "someone" is pretending they do not know how to spell or write complete sentences. However, they are smart enough to turn on a computer, find my blog, read my post, cut and post articles and comment.... Well, its really not too hard to figure out who that "someone" is by what they write and know about my family. I am finding the comments very humorous as double talk is cheap... i.e. I planted a plant in your honor (LoL). Just like I am teaching Carson- I turn the other cheek. I have been through way too much in life for your words and thoughts to hurt me. So if you want to continue to waste your time commenting on my blog please do so as I am honored you care so much about me.

I am traveling back to Guatemala in August. My Essie and sister will be taking care of Carson and the new baby for one week. However, my ticket is refundable just in case :) Yes, I am going on a mission trip without my four year old and two month old baby.

Tomorrow is my last full day at work. In the state which we live I am entitled to 14weeks of leave for the birth of the baby, however, like I have stated before I am not taking the full amount of time off at once. My family is very excited about the birth of the baby. I am excited, but at this time I am more nervous then anything. I have no idea how to care for a newborn. Thank God I have my family and husband.

Today was Carson's last day at soccer. Sorry no photos because we forgot the camera. Carson really enjoyed playing this half of the season, but t-ball has started so he needs to change gears. Carson is doing really well in t ball. He hits the ball well, catches the ball, throws the ball but will NOT run to the base. When I asked him why he does not run he said, people are making fun of me when they are yelling my name. I said, no honey, they are cheering for you :) He will get it!

I finished my graduate course. Praise God! I will get my grade within the next two days. I think I got a strong A... I am taking a break from the next session due to having company this summer and the new baby. I was working on papers for hours after Carson went to bed. I am ready for a little break from homework (just a little break).

Jonathan and I are praying about Godparents for the new baby. Making that decision is very difficult. Godparents play a very important role in your child's life. I want to make sure the Godparents are up for the challenge and commitment. Its more then buying gifts. Its praying for your child, spending time with them and making special memories with them.

My twenty plus year old pony has an ulcer in his left eye. The vet was out at the horse stable on Sunday. We are doing our best with the eye drops and ointment. I am hoping it clears as I do not want him to lose his eyesite in that eye.


Bobbi said...

Words are so hurtful. To whoever is trying to get at you on here, well they are a very small person.

You will do great with a newborn!! It won't be easy, trust me, but it just comes natural. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!!!! You are a wonderful mother now, and will be to this baby. Newborns are hard to read, and often just don't know what they want. The more relaxed you are (easier said than done!!) the more relaxed your baby will be!!

I am so glad that you have a supportive family so you can continue on with your school, work, and missions to Guatemala. You will miss your babies very much, but they will love you just as much when you get home.

NOW, have that baby so we can see some pictures!! Love to you

Leah and Maya said...

I tell you horses are nothing but alot of money, but oh how they smell good I love them, they are therapy.
Hope it heals up. My mare has had hives all this spring and she's been treated for them a few times. the ponies sheath is swollen, I just hope he's tough and it will get better, tried to treat it but I think he's havign a reaction to the bad bugs.
I even got a phone call from someone the other morning concerned Shorty was dead because he sleeps alot with his back leg straight out.