Tuesday, May 17, 2011

summiting my paper work

Well, this is my last full week at work for many months. :) I decided to take off six full weeks with the baby. The remaining ten weeks I will be working part time until 2012. This schedule works best for my family as Jonathan's mother is coming in from Fla to help for a few weeks, my mom and sister both want to be very active with helping with baby and Carson (Thank you!) My sister already requested a week off of work when the baby first comes home to help out. I am very grateful for the extra hands however I will be looking forward to working part time and spending one on one time with the baby as the house will be quiet and Carson will be in Kindergarten full time.
Jonathan and I also have a lot going on as we are trying to sell the house, build the new house, mission work in Guatemala, raising our children in a Godly manner, and spend quality time together. We both believe family comes first however we have to work to support the family (and then some). Anyway, this will be the first time in fifteens years I have not worked full time... awwwee- I am scared, I might like working part time. ;)


Leah and Maya said...

I can't imagine working and not being with my kids. Have a wonderful time.

Reba said...

I am so excited for you. I worked part time for about a year and a half when my second child was a baby. I loved it. (I do love being in the classroom though and was happy to be back full time) It will be such a good bonding time. You are so right about the quality time with family. It is the most important, especially that husband part. Good for you for priorities!

Bobbi said...

you are going to have a wonderful time being home,and will enjoy all the special time with both children!!

Enjoy it!!!