Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The baby has her days and nights confused...
Carson seems so big to me now as I hold the baby-
Carson is very protective of his "Cinderella"
My mind still has not completely grasped the fact that I had a's surreal.
When I hold the baby I still can not believe she is 1/2 me :0)
Carson is a big helper.
I can not drive for another week in a half.
I cry at everything right now.
My body still feels sore and my hip/back are killing me.
No, I am not vain for naming my daughter after me as I was named after my Grandmother.
My Mom and Tracey have been awesome!
When will my stomach be back to normal?
Greta Rebecca has her first doctor's appt on Thursday.
Carson is adjusting very well.
The Lord has truly blessed our family.
We are going to have the baby dedicated next month.


Reba said...

I remember so well how big Hunter looked to me after Lauren was born. It was like he was suddenly a giant or something. And I remember very well how emotional I felt and how easily I cried. I am so excited for you, so glad to hear Carson is handling it all well, and look forward to hearing more about your family as you adjust to a new normal!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I know people always tlked about lack of sleep, it wasn't so bad at first, then somewhere between 2 weeks and 4 weeks I was soooo tired, not only did he want to eat during the night of course it took a whole hour to feed change and get him back to sleep. Now all is well, up for aobut 30 minutes once during the night, alll life is so much better and easier with sleep, of course I didn't have the pregnancy hormones you have.