Monday, May 10, 2010

He keeps me laughing

Carson asked last night if he could listen to my "odd-pod".

On the way home from the mall last week Carson said, can we go to tinker bell and get a taco? My stomach hurt so bad from laughing....

Carson- Mommy do you like Barbies?
Me- Yes
Carson- I don't like them. Their hair is gross!

Mommy, can I go to your work and see all the sicken (sick) people?


Donna said...

LOVE the "Tinker Bell!" That is awesome!

Vanessa said...

LOL!! Kids are so cute!! I love the things they say!!

Bobbi said...

That was cute!! I love what they say and how they interpret what they hear.

What a beautiful letter to his birthmother!! I too hpe Reese's BM knows how she is thought of and cared about. And, I pray that she knows he is happy, healthy, and loved.

I am so behind. glad that he loves the rides--bummer cars...too funny!!

We may be in the NJ area this summer. Where exactly are you???

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Dont' they crack you up!
well let me say Shorty isn't perfect he's just turning 5 and needs work, but the fact that Maya can sing dance and run right int ot he back of him and he's fine with it makes him wonderful. He's very quick so we are working on slowwwwwww, unfortunetly he is so small that i can't ride him he's just 10 hands. Good luck, don't you have a mini? you had a picture of one in the snow.